Interior Design and eBook Formatting

When you upload your manuscript, please attach either a .mobi or a .epub file along with a separate file for the cover of your book. If you don’t have your manuscript already converted, FSB will be happy to do the conversion for you. Fees are as follows;

  • $50 for fiction
  • $100 for nonfiction

This fee includes all interior formatting including table of contents, footnotes (for nonfiction), hyperlinks where needed, custom designed front matter, and a sample chapter of your choice. For more complicated manuscripts please contact Submissions directly to work out the details. For children’s books, please also contact Submissions directly. If FSB does the conversion for you at the above prices, we ask you to please not use our conversion on other websites. If you would like to use a conversion done by FSB on other websites besides ours, please contact us for our nonexclusive conversion fee schedule.

If you would like to learn how to format your book yourself please contact Submissions and we will help provide you with information to get you started. Simple fiction manuscript formatting isn’t all that difficult, folks. If you are even a little bit comfortable with computer software, give it a shot!

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